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Webinar on Food Metabolomics
4 February 2021
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FoodOmicsGR_RI Presentation 20/9/2022
29 July 2022

FoodOmicsGR_RI Presentation 12/9/2022

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The interdisciplinary team BIOMIC_AUTh of KEDEK AUTh invites you to the event:

National Research Infrastructure FoodOmicsGR_RI:

Thorough characterization and promotion of Greek foods value chain

Monday September 12, 2022, 12:00-18:00

KEDEA AUTh, September 3, Thessaloniki



Presentation of the national research infrastructure

Parts Ι-ΙV. What the Research Infrastructure can offer to the food and nutrition industry. Potential and applications.

Part Ι: FoodOmicsGR and Foods.

Part ΙΙ: FoodOmicsGR and Nutrition/Wellness/Health.

Part ΙΙΙ: FoodOmicsGR. Database of Greek foods.

Break, light meal and Poster presentations

Part ΙV: Innovation and Foods of the future, New Functional Foods, Food Safety, Use of industrial waste.

Q&A – Open Discussion