The services offered by FoodOmicsGR_RI can be tailor-made including all or combinations of the following:

  • Consultancy services and uptake of experimental intervention for foodomics studies (food product -oriented studies) or nutritional studies.
  • Big Data Handling and statistical analysis by various modes and special software including bespoke scripts and algorithms.
  • Genomic, proteomic and metabolomic analysis of foods, food products and biological samples from nutritional studies.
  • Quantitative Determination of key target molecules (nutrients, contaminants or other) in foods and biological samples.

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For the researcher:

⇰ Access to the infrastructure, research services

⇰ Validated analysis SOPs

⇰ One stop shop: Experimental design, analysis, statistics/bioinformatics, biomarker discovery and validation

⇰ Interdisciplinarity, expertise in more than 18 scientific disciplines


For the entrepreneur / Science2Business:

One stop shop for studies
  • Quality / uniqueness promotion
  • Development of innovative products
  • Health claim support
⇰ Experience in national and international research funding (R&D)

⇰ GLP, LIMS infrastructure

⇰ Laboratory accreditation ISO 17025


Output / Benefits

For the researcher:

Facilitate R&D activities in areas such as:

⇰ Control of authenticity

⇰ Geographic origin

⇰ Nutritional interventions

⇰ Ageing population and well-being

For the entrepreneur / Science2Business:

⇰ health claims in support of Greek produce

⇰ development of foods and dietary patterns tailor-made for consumers with certain needs

⇰ food safety assessment

⇰ development of products through biotechnological mediation

⇰ other projects