Paper by AmericanFarmSchool and FoodomicsGR scientists accepted in European Food Research and Technology:
"Volatile profile and quality characteristics of the Greek “Chondrolia Chalkidikis” virgin olive oils: Effect of ripening stage". Many thanks to our collaborators.

ScreenShot from FoodOmicsGR database
searchable database that provides concentration values for the small molecule content of Greek foods
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FoodOmicsGR database is online
The database has been constructed from measurements published in peer-reviewed articles on multiple journals, a task achieved with the usage of computational tools of automation and text mining techni…

Presentation of our FoodOmicsGR Database (15 Feb) was attended by 85 researchers.
Today we discussed LC-MS milk lipidomics and the use of elemental omics in food traceability.
We will come back with a meeting on 17 April 15:00 GR time.

FoodOmicsGR Database to be presented in MetrofoodGR free webinar
by Dr. Dritan Kodra FoodOmicsGR informatics manager and Database developer.
9 March 2022 12:00
More info, connection link and program

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