Work Packages

WP1 Management/Coordination , Coordinator AUTh and all partners
  • Project & Coordination Management
  • Monitoring of project progress (according to target milestones)
WP2 Networking, Stakeholder Engagement, Dissemination of Results,Coordinator UoA and all partners
  • Sharing of project goals to the public
  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • Collaboration with the food industry and the public sector
  • Project coordination
WP3 Experiment Design, Bibliographic Research, Content Tables, Target Selection, Coordinator IHU and all partners
  • Generation of databases & Tables of Contents of Greek foods
  • Prioritization of tasks for food characterization

WP4 Development of Technology Infrastructure,Coordinator AUTh and partners (UoC, AUoA, UoA)
  • Acquisition, upgrade & installation of cutting edge instrumentation
  • Laser Ablation (LA) installed on the already existing ICP-MS, AUoA
  • HR-MS with IMS (ion mobility spectroscopy) capability, UoA
  • HR-MS with IMS (ion mobility spectroscopy) capability, AUTh
  • NMR solid state probe, UoC
WP5 Metabolomics, Coordinator UoA and partners (AUTh, UoA, UoC)
  • Method Harmonization and protocol development
  • Development & validation of novel metabolomics methods
WP6 Proteomics, Coordinator BRFAA and UoI
  • Method Harmonization and protocol development
  • Development & validation of novel proteomics methods
WP7 Elemental metabolomics. Coordinator AUoA
  • Method Harmonization and protocol development
  • Development & validation of novel proteomics methods
WP8 Genomics. Coordinator AUTh
  • Method Harmonization and validation
  • Development & validation of novel genomics methods
WP9 “Acrossomics”, statistical analysis, databases Coordinator AUTh and partners (UoA, IHU, BRFAA, UoI)
  • Advanced statistical methods
  • Correlation of omics data
  • Validation of findings from various omics data
WP10 Studies on nutrition, quality and food identity improvement. Coordinator UoC and partners (UoA, UoC, AUoA, IHU, BRFAA, UoI)
  • Delineation of diet, health & wellbeing in relation to geographically identified food nutraceuticals (anti-oxidants, probiotics)
  • Support of production of novel food with beneficial characteristics (nutraceuticals), i.e. through intervention studies on livestock
WP11 Authentication and geographical origin , Coordinator UoI and partners (AUTh, UoA, UoC, UoI)
  • Development of methods/technology for authenticity of domestic agricultural products, identification or/and validation of geographical origin using novel methods
WP12 Control / Secondary use of Industrial Waste, Coordinator UoTA
  • Sampling and chemical characterization of agri-food waste and exploration of secondary use
  • Production of high-quality biomass enriched in nutrients (proteins, starch), recovery of antioxidant capacity from waste
WP13 Quality control/ food safety assessment, Coordinator UoI
  • Monitoring of pollutants /disruptors or markers of decomposition